My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 will be available anytime soon. The manga has been at its peak as the heroes are now finally facing the villains for the second time. As we get closer to its release date, we’re here to give you every detail that we know about the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 351.

The previous manga chapter, titled “Flames,” covers the fight between the Todoroki brothers. The manga revealed some crucial details about Dabi’s past. Dr. Kyudai Garaki seems to know the past about Dabi and started sharing the details about the villain.

According to Garaki, they found the young Toya in a very bad situation after using his flames. His body could not handle the flames, resulting in it being burnt. However, AFO saved Toya and brought him to the hospital. Toya finds a new family, but he’s determined to return to his own family.

Despite being able to survive, Toya learned that he could no longer use his power like before. But with the help of Dr. Garaki, Toya was able to achieve greater power. Garaki also revealed that Toya was a failed vessel of AFO.

As the scene shifts back to the faceoff between Dabi and Shoto, the villain has started showing off his flames while slowly melting the statue of One for All. Dabi vowed to destroy everything precious to Endeavor but Shoto also vowed to stop him.

Will Shoto be able to stop his brother? Let’s see how things unfold in My Hero Academia Chapter 351.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Spoilers

Just like the One Piece manga, Kohei Horikoshi’s Boku no Hero Academia manga series is also being leaked ahead of its scheduled release date. But as of writing, there are still no available spoilers for the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 351. We will b giving you another update once the spoilers have been leaked online.

My Hero Academia Chapter 351 Release Date

So, when will be the release of chapter 351? According to the details, My Hero Academia Chapter 351 will be officially released on April 17, 2022. As always, you can read the official English-translated chapter from the official manga distributors and partners such as Viz and Manga Plus.

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