My Hero Academia Teases Toru Hagakure’s Face

Kohei Horikoshi’s Boku no Hero Academia manga series is currently in the midst of the unexpected Toru Hagakure’s discovery of Aoyama’s betrayal. As the manga explains more details on how Aoyama falls into the hands of AFO, the manga also teases fans with Hagakure’s face reveal.

After informing Midoriya about the U.A. High School’s traitor, Hagakure accompanied the One for All Quirk user into the forest. Aoyama, who is affiliated with AFO after receiving the quirk, admitted that he’s the one responsible for the incidents that have previously happened.

Upon telling the truth to Midoriya, Aoyama’s parents panicked and asked their son to run away. While Midoriya was trying to stop them, Aoyama suddenly attacked him using his Navel Laser.

Aoyama’s attack was about to hit Midoriya, but Hagakure jumped in front and stopped the attack. During this moment, Hagakure revealed that her body has the ability to warp light, resulting in the Navel Laser’s being bent in a different direction. At the same time, Hagakure expressed her frustration to Aoyama for causing too much trouble that could result in their being killed.

While Hagakure was bursting her tears, the manga also gave fans a glimpse of Hagakure’s face. Aoyama’s parents tried to debunk what Hagakure told their son, but before they did, Midoriya’s Black Whip had already grabbed and restrained all of them.

Toru Hagakure’s face revealed.

Since the release of the My Hero Academia manga series, Hagakure’s face has been a mystery. But thanks to My Hero Academia Chapter 337, we finally see how beautiful Toru Hagakure really is.

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