Pirate Website AnimeKisa Shuts Down Permanently

Following the end of the well-known anime pirate site a few years ago, another infamous anime streaming pirate website joined the league.

AnimeKisa, one of the best alternatives after the death of KissAnime, has announced that its service will be permanently shut down. Unlike the other anime streaming websites, the reason behind AnimeKisa’s shutdown is a lack of financial support.

After the domain registration in 2018, AnimeKisa has rapidly gained millions of visitors each month. Initially, the streaming service used advertisements to support the needs of the website. However, just one and a half years ago, AnimeKisa decided to remove the advertisements to promote a better visitor experience.

AnimeKisa asked the community to support them by giving donations, but it seems that the amount that they are currently receiving is not enough to pay the servers of the website. As a result, AnimeKisa has announced the closure of its operations.

If you’ve been here since a few months ago, you probably remember us running a donation campaign. Ever since we removed ads a year and half ago (excluding third-party ones that are impossible to remove), AK’s wallet dried up, thanks to your donations we were able to extend AKs life for a few months. It has been 3 long years, it was great while it lasted, but AnimeKisa is never coming back online.

AnimeKisa warned their visitors to be wary of using imitations of their website.

Copycats of AnimeKisa are out there, they are frequently infested with the worse type ads. AnimeKisa may be shutting down, but do not use bottom of the barrel copycat websites as there are much better alternatives, the ones above are some of them.

Knowing the danger that their visitors may be facing, AnimeKisa also shared some of the most notable and alternative sources where fans can watch anime for free. Some of the mentioned pirated anime streaming websites are Animension, 9anime, and Gogoanime.

As mentioned in their official statement, AnimeKisa will be gone for good. What do you think about this unexpected shutdown of AnimeKisa? Are you one of the fans watching anime on this website? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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