Platinum End Episode 3: Saki Strikes Mirai With Red Arrow

Platinum End Episode 3 titled “Heart’s Beloved“, was officially released on October 22nd.

The episode starts with Mirai being spotted by another angel. Unexpectedly, Mirai was attacked by Saki using a red arrow. Knowing that he already liked Saki, Mirai didn’t dodge when he was attacked.

The red arrow’s effect immediately kicked in. Saki asked Mirai to go to his house, which Mirai did immediately. Later, we see Revel, Saki’s angel, interrogating the main protagonist of the series. Mirai revealed that he could produce a white arrow that shocked Revel. Shortly, Revel asked Mirai to protect Saki and become her wings. Mirai agreed and demonstrated his power by flying along with Saki.

After seeing how Mirai easily got swayed, Revel tried to trick him into hunting Metropoliman. However, Mirai was stopped by his angel. The two angels, along with Mirai and Saki, agreed to help each other. As they were having a conversation, Metropliman appeared on TV, asking the other contenders to have a peace talk. Revel already sensed that it was a trap set up by Metropliman. But instead of hiding, Mirai and Saki went to the arena to learn about Metropoliman and the other contestants.

As Mirai and Saki were waiting, Metropoliman appeared. Shortly, two candidates appeared wearing similar costumes as Metropoliman. With the wings and red arrows, Mirai can already tell that the two God candidates have first-rank or higher angels.

One of the two God candidates aimed his red arrow towards Metropoliman. The God candidate wearing a Metro Blue costume fires the red arrow, but it seems that it’s not piercing Metropoliman’s body.

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