TEVI – Items and Resources Map

All collectable Potions, Sigils, Coins and Mananite Shards in each area.


I am mostly doing this because the only other guide for this was apparently deleted and the author’s account does not seem to exist anymore. Not sure why that happened but it was a very useful guide for many, including myself, so… Here I am.

I have 100% everything post-Boss Rush update so it should be complete.


There are 35 of each Mono-Colour Potion and 18 Rainbow Potions. You can check how many of each you have listed bottom left of the Items screen.

Mono-Colour Potions

  • One of each bought from all five shops (25 total)
  • One of each from the Mysterious Traveller for completing his trials (5 total)
  • The rest are found via Exploration

Rainbow Potions

  • 5 in Shops (one each)
  • 7 as Rewards for Memine’s Time Trials (One after each Trial and a Bonus for doing them all)
  • 3 as Rewards for Boss Rush (Completing Master difficulty first gives you all three at once)
  • 3 from Exploration


I will try to add Memine’s locations to the maps as well at some point. For now I will just list the areas:

  • Blushwood
  • Ana Thema
  • On the bridge between Ana Thema & Gloamwood
  • Valhalla’s Breath
  • Tartarus Casino
  • Verdawn Forest

Mysterious Traveller

Locations he appears and requirements as applicable:

  • Morose – Elite Challenge A – Level 12 required
  • Thanatara Canyon – Elite Challenge B
  • Gloamwood – Elite Challenge C
  • Ana Thema – Elite Challenge D – Level 22 required
  • Tartarus – Elite Challenge E – Level 18 required
  • Valhalla – Elite Challenge F

If the upcoming DLC adds anything new I will see about updating it with those.

Currently WiP – Still confirming specific details about a few things



These are what each of the icons represent on the maps.

Orange Hexagon – Sigil

Small Gold Circle – Coins

Purpe Crystal – Mananite Shard

White Diamond – Key Items (New abilties, etc)

Potions – Uh… Take a wild guess.

S – Save Point

T – Aerlith (Teleporter)

Bnuuy – Tevi (You are here.jpg)

Golden Hands Desert Base + The Sewerways

Oasis Cove + Gurun Desert



Verdawn Forest

Misty Maze

Travoll Mines

Travoll Industrial Park


Ana Thema



Verglas Village & Snowveil

Verdazure Sea, Outer Moat & Solanda Beach

Forgotten City, Verdazure Sea 2nd Area & Gothera Swamplands


Snowveil Outpost, Golden Hands HQ & Snowveil

Magma Pits, Gothera Swamplands 2nd Area & Magma Depths

Snowveil 2nd Area & Dreamers Keep

Dreamless Depths

Valhalla’s Breath & Heaven’s Valley


Valhalla’s breath 2nd Area & Heaven’s Valley 2nd Area

Solennian Ruins

Sinner’s Oath & Phantasmic Palace

The Relicts

Catacombs & Omphalas Laboratory

Cloister of Redemption

Gallery of Mirrors & Gallery of Souls


Evernight Garden

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