The Brew Barons Boss Guide

How to defeat the bosses


The ship boss can be damaged by shooting the air vents, two on each side of the ship.

The two vents closest to the back will be armored later. To expose these vents, shoot the smaller ships and they’ll drive into the boss and expose the vents for you to shoot.

The ship boss deploys turrets on the island. These can be shot and destroyed.


The plane boss has 4 weakpoints on its wing engines, two on each side. These can be shot from above and below.

The top two ones are protected later. These can be exposed by shooting a sliding thing along the top of the plane.

The plane deploys a large AoE attack en attacked from above. It stops after about 6 seconds and the boss can then safely be attacked.

The boss also deploys smaller planes that can be shot down, but can usually be ignored. Shot planes respawn after a while.


The zeppelin boss has 3 weakpoints inside it.

To get inside the zeppelin you need to pull red balloons close to the small air intake vents. The red balloons attach themselves to you by flying close and slow you down.

After clogging all 3 air intake vents, the front hatch opens up. Fly inside to shoot the 3 weakpoints. They look like 3 spinning rings.

The zeppelin deploys lots of ballons with cannons on them. They can be shot down.


The submarine has 4 weakpoints, 1 in front, 1 in the back, and 2 on the sides.

The front and back weakpoints can be shot and destroyed right away, but the side ones need to be exposed. The expose these weakpoints, you need to shoot a barrell shaped weight on top of the submarine to tilt the submarine to its side. This exposes the side weakpoint that the submarine leans away from. The hitbox on the side weakpoints is weird so it can take a few tries to destroy them.

The submarines dives and reappers at random spots during the fight.

There’s smaller submarines helping the boss. These are easily destroyed.

Both the boss and the smaller submarines fire homing missiles at you. The missiles are really bad at turning and can be easily dodged by flying in circles and boosting away from them. If you approach and fly underneath a missile, it dives straight down into the sea. The missile explodes after a certain amount of time if they can’t hit you.

Last boss

This boss has several stages and weak points.

Start by shooting two engines in the back of the hovercraft. This exposes another weakpoint underneath the craft. Shoot it to make the hovercraft start dropping ammo. This ammo can be picked up for a later stage of the boss fight.

The second stage requires you to shoot 4 engines in the front. This exposes 2 more weakpoints, 1 on each side of the front.

After this is done, the flying market zeppelin flies inside the boss arena. Pick up ammo that is dropping from the bottom of the boss and dock with the market zeppelin.

Aim the cannon at the boss and fire at the two weak points on top of the boss. You fire by pressing the “Action” button. It can be weird and not fire. Try holding the action button.

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