The Hunters Guild: Red Hood Reveals How to Kill Werewolves

‪Yuki Kawaguchi has returned with another manga chapter of The Hunters Guild: Red Hood while revealing the two ways on how to kill werewolves.

The 4th chapter of the manga series continues the fight against the remaining werewolf inside the hamlet. The manga starts with Grimm acting as a decoy and Velou will be the main star to execute the plan. After the werewolf attacked Grimm, Velou also attacked the monster using the rifle that Grimm gave him. While Velou is in a good position and properly aimed the target, the werewolf was able to block it using his arms.

Initially, the werewolf assumed that Velou’s attack was useless because of his regeneration ability, but he was shocked upon seeing that his wounds were not healing at all. This results in Grimm revealing why his regeneration is not working.

Grimm Reveals How to Kill Werewolves

According to Grimm, due to the werewolves’ powerful innate ability to regenerate, hunters have developed a way to negate their ability. The hunter also revealed two ways to kill werewolves.

The first method of killing werewolves is by burning them, which prevents them from regenerating. The other method of killing werewolves is by using a special metal to rend their flesh.

The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

This special metal is called Wolfonium. Using the special metal, the hunters created ammunition called Wolfonium Bullets, which is the bullet used by Velou. Grimm also revealed that while the Wolfonium bullet can pierce a werewolf’s hide, it can also be used to one-shot werewolves by targeting their vital points.

Velou Defeats a Werewolf

The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

Knowing the weaknesses of werewolves, Velou executes the plan with the help of Grimm. Using the gas shells, Velou builds up the gas below the chimney where the werewolf is standing. The manga shows how Velou took advantage of their position and exploded the werewolf threatening the hamlet.

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