The Saboteur – Steam Deck Resolution Fix

Simple guide on what to edit in the games config.ini file to get the game running at a widescreen resolution. 720p @ 60hz.


We need to edit the config file in “My Documents”. We need to do this to change the following;

  • Change the Resolution to 1280×720 (the game does not support 1280×800 properly).
  • Change the Refresh Rate to 60hz. (By default it is 90, this is the reason the resolution wont change correctly)
  • Add windowed mode.


We need to edit the config file in “My Documents”. To do this on the Steam Deck, go into desktop mode and navigate to the following folder;

/home/deck/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/24880/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/My Games/The Saboteur™/SaveGames/

Open the config.ini file and change the settings to this;

DisplayProfile 0
ScreenWidth 1280
ScreenHeight 720
TextureQuality 3
SliceQuality 2
ClipRange 3
ObjectQuality 2
RainDensity 75
Shadows 1
RefreshRate 60
PostProcessing 1
VSync 0
Windowed 1

What this does is change the refresh rate to 60hz, turned off v sync and also added a line to force windowed mode. Lastly i used a 720p resolution as 1280 x 800 seems to stretch a 4:3 resolution and is not proper widescreen.

Also remember to change the controller setting on steam to Gamepad as by default it is set to Keyboard and Mouse.

NOTE: Apparently the refresh rate can go as high as 85hz before effecting the resolution but have only tested 60hz.

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