Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213 Release Date, Discussions, and Recap

The 212th chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga series is now available. Unexpectedly, the manga officially debuts another main character that had already been introduced in the Final Arc.

Below, you will find the recap and breakdown of the previous chapter. But before going into the details, let’s start with the release schedule of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213.

Chapter 213 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 213 is scheduled to be officially released on July 7, 2021, Wednesday. Until there is no announcement or news of any delay, you should be able to read the new manga chapter next week.

You can read the upcoming manga chapter of Tokyo Revengers by visiting Kodansha. Apart from Kodansha, you can also read multiple volumes and chapters Comixology Unlimited, Inkr, and Mangamo.

Chapter 212 Recap

Takemichi still finds himself in the middle of an impending clash between the two powerhouse gangs in Tokyo. South Terano is not unfazed by the presence of the Brahman gang and asked Takeomi Akashi about their motives. 

Akashi Scouting Takemichi

Takeomi Akashi reveals that he and the gang are not there for South Terano. Instead, Akashi revealed that he was there to scout Takemichi, suggesting that Brahman is planning to invite Takemichi to join the gang.

Former Black Dragon President and Former Tenjiku Members Appeared

Upon hearing Akashi’s goal, a familiar voice was heard. It was Kakucho Hitto, one of the four heavenly kings. At the same time, Madarame Shion, the 9th generation Black Dragon captain, and the other heavenly kings, namely Ran Haitan and Kanji Mochizuki, and Rindo Haitani appeared.

Takemichi was shocked upon seeing the former members of Tenjiku and the worst generations assembled in one place.

Senju Kawaragi Arrives and Attacked Terano

While these big names that appeared in front of Akashi would surely bring trouble, Takemichi didn’t see him worrying. Instead, Akashi calls out Senju Kawaragi, the leader of the Brahman gang.

Senju makes his entrance by throwing his umbrella towards South Terano. The leader of Rokuhara Tandai easily dodged the incoming umbrella, but he was caught off guard by Senju’s follow-up attack. Senju hit Terano on his head, but he failed to make his opponent fall.

The leader of the Brahmans gang then grabbed his umbrella and told everyone to do whatever they had to do.

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