Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227: South Terano’s Childhood

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 titled “Gangsters”, was officially released on October 19, 2021. The manga chapter highlights the backstory of South Terano, the leader of Rokuhara Tandai, during his childhood. Below is the recap of the chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 Recap

The manga starts with South’s childhood and how he grew up in the slums in Brazil. The new chapter also introduced Dino, a gang leader in Brazil and the one who raised South, and how he introduced him to the world of crime. At the age of 5, South Terano murdered Dino’s enemies, and later, we see him killing Dino.

After killing Dino, South became the leader of the gang named Dino South. Due to these affiliations, other gangs raided his home and killed his mother. South moved to Japan because he had no other family. He continued his gang activities, resulting in him being thrown into a juvenile hall.

While inside the prison, South demonstrated his strength by defeating the former members of known gangs such as Tenjiku. With the strength that he manifested during his stay in prison, he decided to start his own era in Japan. Just right after his release, South immediately founded the Rokuhara Tandai gang, along with the other gang members that he defeated inside the prison.

As the manga gets close to its final spread, the two executives of Brahman seem to be having a hard time dealing with the South. Keizo Arashi also acknowledges the South’s strength. Meanwhile, Kakucho Hitto also appeared in the scene and commented that no matter how strong the Black Dragon’s first-gen duo, they will never win against the leader of Rokuhara Tandai.

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