Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229: Senju Fights South Terano

Chapter 229 of Tokyo Revengers, titled “Go Easy On,” was officially released on November 2, 2021. The manga covers the start of the fight between the leaders of Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai.

Kakucho Challenges Mikey

The manga starts with a scene of the battlefield of the two rival gangs. Shortly, we see Kakucho approaching Mikey, who is still doing nothing. Kakucho noted that watching the whole fight from the sidelines is not what Mikey usually does. Mikey replied that while he could just sit and watch, Kakucho was there in front of him. Later, we see Kakucho showing his interest in fighting Mikey in a head-to-head match.

Takeomi Tried to Stop Senju

Just before the fight between Senju and South begins, Takeomi tries to stop her. According to Takeomi, it’s too early for Senju Kawaragi to take on South Terano. Takeomi insisted that the three of them, Wakasa and Keizo, could handle the fight. However, Senju told Takeomi to shut his mouth as she rushed towards South to attack.

South Hits Senju Kawaragi

While Takeomi tried to warn her sister, Senju didn’t stop and rushed to attack South Terano. However, the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai gang was able to stop Senju’s attack. At the same time, South Terano countered Senju and was able to land a punch on Brahman’s leader. South Terano’s strong punch throws Senju away.

Takeomi Reveals How Senju Become One of the Three Deities

Once again, Takeomi tried to stop Senju while shouting that she couldn’t win the fight. Takemichi was confused about what Takeomi said. At this moment, Takeomi revealed that Senju Kawaragi, the leader of Brahman, was only able to get herself included in the “Three Deities” with the help of the first generation Black Dragon’s support. Takeomi admitted that he was wrong, that he had lost his cool and insisted Senju get out of the fight while she was still able.

Senju Kawaragi Demonstrates Her Strenght

Despite Takeomi’s warning, Senju Kawaragi seems not to change her heart. South Terano launched another attack, but Senju dodged his punch. After dodging South’s attack, Senju grabbed the arms of her opponent and countered South with three consecutive kicks. Everyone was shocked to see how the leader of Brahman was able to hit South Terano. Following her attack, South Terano was seen lying on the ground, while Senju was fearlessly watching him.

Fearless Eyes of Brahman’s Boss

Following Senju’s attack, the manga shows how Takeomi was surprised to hear Senju Kawaragi’s strong words about her as the boss of the Brahman gang.

More About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki who traveled to the past to save Hinata Tachibana, her high school ex-girlfriend. With the help of Naoto Tachibana, Takemichi’s mission was to stop Tokyo Manji Gang from murdering Hinata. Takemichi time-leaped back to 12 years and found himself as a student. His mission was to take over Tokyo Manji Gang and save all of his loved ones.

Tokyo Revengers is a manga series written by Ken Wakui. The manga already produced 22 volumes since its publication in March 2017 under Kodansha. In April 2021, an anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was released. The anime adaptation was produced by LIDENFILMS, along with Kodansha, Pony Canyon, and Ultra Super Pictures as producers.

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