Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230: Takeomi, the God of War

Chapter 230 of Tokyo Revengers, titled “Get Stuck-up,” was officially released on November 9, 2021. The manga covers the start of how Sano Shinichiro formed Black Dragon and the downfall of Takeomi.

Takeomi Dubbed as “God of War”

The manga starts with Takeomi narrating how the first generation Black Dragon once ruled the nation, with him as the vice-captain. Takeomi revealed that he was called “God of War” while he was feared as his decisions determined how any conflict would end.

Sano Shinichiro Dubbed as “The Weak King”

During Takeomi’s childhood, he was just an ordinary and average kid, whether it be sports or studies. However, his childhood friend, Sano, had a mysterious charm that attracted people around him. While Sano Shinichiro has a good charm, Takeomi said that he never resorted to violence.

Takeomi also revealed that Sano didn’t pick fights with anyone stronger than him, never won a fight, and, on top of it all, he was a crybaby. Along with their friends, they called Sano “The Weak King.” Even the people who fought him ended up liking him. As the manga previously revealed, Sano Shinichiro is the one who combined the two gangs in Tokyo.

With Takeomi, Wakasa, and Keizo on his side, Sano Shinichiro decided to ask them to make a team, with Takeomi as the vice-president. Starting that day, Takeomi became the vice president of the largest gang in Japan.

Sani Shinichiro Disbands Black Dragon

However, Sano decided to disband the gang as there was no one better than them. While Black Dragon had already been disbanded, Takeomi continued with the gang life. In fact, he was still being treated like a VIP in town and never got short on money until his influence faded. A few years had passed, and the glorious life of Takeomi had started to fall down. With his life already on the cliff, Takeomi got the news about Shinichiro’s death.

Senju Founded Brahman

After five years of figuring out what to do with his life, Senju Kwaragi told him that she wanted to take down the invincible Mikey from the Tokyo Manji Gang. Senju decides to make her own team, and Takeomi is asked to give her some guidance.

Senju Vows to Defeat South Terano

Shortly after the flashback, Takeomi was seen apologizing to Senju Kawaragi. Takeomi wants to take all the blame as he believes that he failed and lost faith. However, Senju stopped him and firmly told his brother that it was her responsibility. The leader of Brahman also took responsibility for Draken’s death.

With South Terano back on his feet, Senju Kawaragi vows to defeat the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. On the other hand, South Terano was all pumped up.

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