Takemichi Vows to Fight Mikey Alone in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234

Chapter 234 of the Tokyo Revengers manga titled “There Is No Mending” was officially released on November 7, 2021. The chapter highlights the aftermath of the fight between the three deities. At the same time, the leader of the Brahman gang, Senju Kawaragi, made another unexpected decision to save Takemichi Hanagaki.

The start of the chapter picked up the cliffhanger from Chapter 233 and was followed by Takemichi finding himself in a hospital after losing his consciousness during Mikey’s attack.

As soon as Takemichi wakes up, he finds Kokonoi beside him. Kokonoi revealed that he was unconscious for three days after being beaten by Mikey. Takemichi asked how he was still alive, and Kokonoi revealed that Senju saved him.

Kokonoi revealed who saved Takemichi.

Just before Mikey kill Takemichi, Senju Kawaragi stepped in and asked Mikey to stop what he was doing. In order for Mikey to stop, Senju bowed down to Mikey and begged to end the conflict by disbanding Brahman.

Senju Kawaragi saved Takemichi from Mikey.

Right after Kokonoi left, Takemichi realized that the Mikey that he faced during the battle of the three deities was no longer the Mikey that he knew.

Chifuyu then appeared and told Takemichi that he went to Draken’s funeral. The former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang shared his feelings about what happened to Draken. At the same time, Chifuyu also asked Takemichi why he returned to the past if everyone is doing well in the future. Chifuyu seems to can’t handle the situation and blamed Takemichi for Draken’s death.

Chifuyu blames Takemichi for Draken’s death.

Takemichi accepted why Chifuyu was blaming him. The time leaper then asked Chifuyu to leave him alone. As Chifuyu left the room, Hinata arrived and asked him why he was already leaving. Instead of answering Hinata’s question, Chifuyu only told Hinata that it’s alright.

As the manga got close to its final spread, Takemichi apologized to Chifuyu. Takemichi also promised that starting that day, he will no longer involve anyone ever again as it would be a battle for his own life.

Takemichi vows not to involve anyone.

With Takemichi’s realization, how will he be able to stop Mikey? Will he be joining another gang just to stop Mikey from losing control of himself? Let’s find out in the next issue of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

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