Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266 Full Summary

After a one-week hiatus, Ken Wakui has returned to work on a new Tokyo Revengers manga series. Many Tokyo Revengers manga fans are wondering about the status of the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266. Read on as we give you all the details that we know about the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 266.

Chapter Details

  • Chapter Number: 266
  • Chapter Title: Make Vision a Reality
  • Release Date: August 23, 2022
  • Digital Scan: Kodansha

Chapter Summary

The chapter starts with a flashback when Mikey and Takemichi first met during the brawl at the school. The flashback also sees another scene during the gangwar against Valhalla.

Back to the current matchup, Mikey asked Takemichi why he stands up despite having a beaten back. Mikey also asked if Tekemichi really thought that he had a chance to win against him.

Takemichi replied and told Mikey that he had made a promise to the future Mikey. He also added his promise to Baji and Draken.

Takemichi attacked Mikey, but he was countered by a powerful kick. After being thrown, Takemichi stood up again and tried to attack Mikey. However, the outcome is the same. While on his knees, Takemichi tells Mikey that he’s the only one who can save him from the darkness.

Takemichi attacked Mikey again, but before he got close, he saw a vision of himself being kicked on the head by Mikey. Takemichi suddenly stopped asking himself when that vision would happen. Shortly after, he was once again kicked by Mikey.

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