Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267: Takemichi Takes Down Mikey

Tokyo Revengers has been at a peak since the start of the war between Kanto Manji Gang and Tokyo Manji Gang. And with the release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 267, manga author Ken Wakui just hyped manga fans after Takemichi landed a clear hit against Mikey.

Chapter Details

  • Chapter Number: 267
  • Chapter Title: To Signal a Counterattack
  • Release Date: August 30, 2022
  • Digital Scan: Kodansha

Chapter Summary

After Takemichi sees a vision of Mikey’s attack, the manga starts with him being hit by Mikey’s kick. Instead of feeling the pain from the kick, Takemichi’s mind was focused on the vision that he had earlier.

Takemichi provoked Mikey with his attack, and at the same time, he also realized that the vision he was seeing was happening immediately, allowing him to block Mikey’s powerful kick. Mikey was shocked upon seeing Takemichi blocking his kick, while Takemichi finally knew that his vision had evolved.

Hanagaki tried to attack Mikey with a punch, but the leader of the Kanto Manji Gang immediately put up another kick. Fortunately, he was able to foresee the future and dodged the attack. Mikey once again tried to kick Takemichi but all of his attacks were dodged by the leader of the second generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

As Mitsuya and Hakkai witnessed how Takemichi was evading Mikey’s attack, they were surprised to see their leader handling the opponent. Meanwhile, Sanzu also gained consciousness and was shocked to see how the fight was going.

The other members of both gangs are witnessing an incredible match between Takemichi and Mikey and ask themselves if Takemichi is seeing through Mikey’s move. Mikey, on the other hand, was also confused by how Takemichi was able to dodge all of his attacks knowing that he was not fast enough.

Shortly, Mikey stopped attacking Takemichi and asked him if he already knew his movements. He also asked if he could predict the future. However, Takemichi did not answer Mikey’s question. Instead, he told himself that he must do his best to evade and not falter.

Mikey started attacking again while Hanagaki was waiting for the right time to counterattack. Shortly, Takemichi sees an opening and attacks Mikey. This time, the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang was able to land a clear and critical hit, resulting in Mikey falling to the ground.

The story will continue in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 268 on September 6, 2022.

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