Tokyo Revengers Features Hakkai and Inupi Joining Takemichi’s New Gang

Since the return of Takemichi from the future, the crying hero’s hands have been full of unexpected turns of events. While he has already experienced the strength of Mikey, resulting in his being hospitalized for a few weeks, it seems that Takemichi will not stop just to help his friend. To help him fight the reigning power of Mikey’s gang, Takemichi decides to make his very own team that will help him fight the reigning power of Kanto Manji Gang.

Right after Takemichi was discharged from the hospital, he immediately started looking for reliable people to join him. The first person he approached was Chifuyu, and he was not disappointed to see the former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s first division join him. A two-man gang is pointless as they are facing the Kantou Manji Gang, so they continued to search for other crew members.

This time, Takemichi approached the former Tokyo Manji Gang’s second division vice-captain, Hakkai Shiba. Just like Chifuyu, Hakkai immediately agreed to join him. Following Hakkai, Takemichi visits Draken and Inupi’s motorcycle shop.

Hakkai joins Takemichi’s new gang.

At first, Chifuyu thinks that it’s not the right thing to do as Draken’s death may have caused emotional distress to Inupi. However, Inupi welcomed them and talked about Draken’s request before he died. Hanagaki also shared his eagerness to fight Mikey and invited Inupi to join his gang. Inupi accepted Takemichi’s invitation to join his new gang to fight Mikey and the Kantou Manji Gang.

Inupi accepts Hanagaki’s invitation.

With Takemichi gathering three reliable people to join him, is this enough to take down Mikey? Who else do you think is suitable to join Takemichi’s new gang in order to defeat the Tokyo Kanto Gang? Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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