Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Introduced the Remaining Founding Members of Black Dragon Gang

After the debut of Takeomi Akashi, Tokyo Revengers has finally introduced the remaining founding members of the Black Dragon gang founded by Mikey’s brother.

In the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, during the confrontation between Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai, the manga has debuted Guard Unit Captain and Special Attack Unit Captain of the first generation of Black Dragon have appeared.

When Shion Madarame boasts about himself, Keizo Arashi, the Guard Unit Captain of Black Dragon, attacked him and shouted to stop what he’s doing and he’s a disgrace to Black Dragon.

Keizo Arashi

Shortly after Arashi’s attack, Kakucho of Rokuhara Tandai also attacked him. However, Kakucho’s attack seems to not work against the Brahmah’s top executive.

The introduction of new characters in Tokyo Revengers didn’t stop there as the former founding member and special attack unit captain of Black Dragon, Imaushi Wakasa suddenly appeared after being asked by Akashi. Wakasa’s debut shocked Arashi as he was almost caught off guard when Wakasa appeared behind his back without being noticed.

Wakasa Imaushi

In addition to Akashi Takeomi, the former vice president of the first generation Black Dragon, Wakasa and Keizou are the best duos from the first generation Black Dragon gang. Currently, these three names are considered the strongest members of Brahman.

Founding of Black Dragon Gang

Their full capabilities and fighting skills are yet to be revealed but knowing that Black Dragon is the number 1 gang in Japan during their era, it’s not surprising to see these individuals are strong enough to take on the high-rankings of Rokuhara Tandai.

About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki who traveled to the past to save Hinata Tachibana, her high school ex-girlfriend. With the help of Naoto Tachibana, Takemichi’s mission was to stop Tokyo Manji Gang from murdering Hinata. Takemichi time-leaped back to 12 years and found himself as a student. His mission was to take over Tokyo Manji Gang and save all of his loved ones.

Tokyo Revengers is a manga series written by Ken Wakui. The manga already produced 22 volumes since its publication in March 2017 under Kodansha. In April 2021, an anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was released. The anime adaptation was produced by LIDENFILMS, along with Kodansha, Pony Canyon, and Ultra Super Pictures as producers.