Tokyo Revengers: Mikey Stabs Takemichi with a Katana; Did Takemichi Survive?

As Ken Wakui’s manga series gets close to its finale, Tokyo Revengers manga fans are caught off guard by the release of Chapter 275 as they witness the rage of Mikey. Takemichi swore that he would be saving Mikey, but it seems that this promise will be broken, with Mikey stabbing him with a katana.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 275, titled “Cold Hearted,” was released on October 25, 2022. Before its official release, manga fans are hoping to see Takemichi overwhelm Mikey’s strength. However, everything didn’t go well, as the chapter sees the downfall of the main protagonist of the series.

The first few pages of the chapter see Takemichi struggling with Mikey’s attack. In the background, we also see Sanzu explaining to Takemichi that he can’t erase the curse. But that didn’t stop Takemichi, and he still continued the fight against Mikey.

Mikey grabbed the katana sword and attacked Takemichi. At first, Takemichi was able to dodge some of the attacks, but Mikey eventually landed a clean attack against Takemichi, resulting in Takemichi getting stabbed with a sword.

Despite the wound that he got, Takemichi grabbed Mikey and hugged him. At the same time, Takemichi also told Mikey that he will carry those dark impulses and won’t lose the fight. Takemichi also added that he was his friend and he would never give up trying to help him.

With all the words that Mikey heard, it seems that those dark impulses around him were cleansed. However, with the wound that Takemichi received from the sword attack, it seems that Takemichi will not make it. The chapter ends with Mikey crying in front of everyone while watching Takemichi suffering from the blade that has been struck into his body.

Will Takemichi survive this life-threatening situation? Find out in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 276, which is due on November 1, 2022.

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