Tokyo Revengers Reveals the Reason Why Mikey Allowed Kisaki to Join the Gang

While everyone is waiting to see the outcome of the gang war, manga author Ken Wakui has just revealed some interesting facts about Tetta Kisaki. With the recently released Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265, the series has finally revealed the reason why Kisaki was allowed to become a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang first generation.

Tetta Kisaki is one of the major antagonists in the series. During Takemichi’s first time travel, his main mission was to stop Kisaki from killing his girlfriend. Takemichi was able to stop Kisaki, but Emma Sano, Mikey’s sister, was killed in the process. Kisaki was killed when he was hit by a truck during his escape. But why was Kisaki allowed to join Toman in the first place?

According to Chapter 265 of the Tokyo Revengers manga, Tetta Kisaki persuaded Mikey to allow him to join the gang by freeing Pah-chin from prison. Kisaki told Mikey that he had a guy that could take Pah-chin’s place. With Kisaki’s offer, Mikey asked the members of Toman for their approval.

The majority of the group disagreed with Kisaki’s joining the gang. Draken even walked out when he learned that the reason they should allow him to join was to free their friend. Despite the disagreement within the group, Mikey still allows Kisaki to become a member of Toman.

Apart from Kisaki joining Toman, Mikey also asked him to be on his side. The former leader of Tokyo Manji Gang first generation also asked Tetta Kisaki to guide him even if he didn’t do it the way he wanted. According to Mikey, being strong is not enough for him and what he really needs is darkness.

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