Tokyo Revengers Reveals Why Mikey Disbanded Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang is known as the strongest gang in Japan. With the leadership of Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, along with his friends, they managed to bring the gang to the top. However, everything has an end after Mikey announced the disbandment of the Tokyo Manji Gang after winning the fight against Tenjiku.

Why did Mikey Disbanded Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers?

Short Answer:

According to Chapter 209, Mikey abolished the Tokyo Manji Gang to protect everyone’s future.

How did it happen?

With the abolishment of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi returned to the future and witnessed the fruit of his efforts to save Hina and everyone. Before returning to his current timeline, Takemichi apologized to Mikey and also revealed everything about his time travel and his mission to save Hina and everyone.

Everything seems fine for Takemichi’s friends and loved ones until he sees a familiar man while watching the news on television. His hunch brings him to meet his old friend Mikey, who is now the leader of another heinous gang in Japan. While it was their first meeting after returning to his current timeline, Takemichi was shot by Mikey. At the same time, Mikey also tried to take his own life by jumping off the building. But fortunately, Takemichi didn’t abandon him and managed to grab his hands.

Takeimichi insists that he will save Mikey. Initially, Mikey doesn’t want to be saved but Takemichi’s words just reached his heart, and asked Takemichi to save him. Just after Mikey asked to be saved, Takemichi found himself in the past again, making Mikey the key to time leap.

Time passed by in the past and Takemichi need to find some ways to save Mikey. The former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang has now a new gang called Kanto Manji Gang. On Takemichi’s arrival, Mikey immediately knows that Takemichi from the future has returned.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 207

Takemichi reunited with his old friends and former members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Upon seeing their growth, he told himself that he can’t let them get involved as he already saw the bright future of each one of them.

While he was thinking about how he will face Mikey, he just realized the main reason why Mikey disbanded the gang. It turns out that Mikey’s reason for the abolishment of the Tokyo Manji Gang was to protect the future of everyone.

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 209

Mikey’s reason is actually not surprising. As we all know, Mikey is always putting all the burdens on himself.

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