Tokyo Revengers Teases Senju Kawaragi’s Death

The story of Tokyo Revengers is getting deeper and deeper with each chapter. The manga has been continuously surprising fans with the introduction of new characters that will be playing a big role in saving Mikey. One of the newly introduced characters is Senju Kawaragi, the leader of Brahman gang.

The recent chapter of Tokyo Revengers reveals a lot more information about Senju Kawaragi. These new details include her gender and her relationship with a former member of the first generation Black Dragon gang and a former 5th division vice president of the disbanded Tokyo Manji Gang.

Senju is considered as one of the strongest characters right now, but it seems that she will be included in the death toll of the series. With the release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 16, Takemichi Hanagaki got a vision of the seeming death of Senju Kawaragi.

Takemichi spends his day with Senju as he was asked to accompany the leader of Brahman. Before they separate, Senju reminds Takemichi of the upcoming Brahman meeting. At the same time, Takemichi asked Senju to give him the ice cream stick so he could throw it away. Senju immediately throws the ice cream stick at Takemichi but when the ice cream stick lands on Takemichi’s hand, the time leaper gets a vision of Senju’s future.

The cliffhanger of Chapter 216 sees Hanagaki crying and shouting Senju’s name, while the leader of Brahman is lying on the ground. The last words that we hear from Senju is that Takemichi that he kept the promise, suggesting that Hanagaki completed a promise that he made with Senju.

Will the leader of Brahman really going to die in the future? What is the promise between Takemichi and Senju? Tell us your opinion and theories in the comments below.

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