Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Final Episode Will Run for 27 Minutes

Following the airing of the 11th episode of the 2nd season of Zombie Land Saga, the official website of the anime announced that the episode finale, Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 12, will be having a total of 27 minutes broadcast duration.

The Zombie Land Saga: Revenge Episode 12 titled “The Biggest Saga in History” is set to premiere on Thursday, June 24, 2021. Along with the episode duration announcement, the staff also revealed that the episode will be airing without any commercials. This only means that if you’re watching the anime on local TV, you have to sit in your comfort zone for 27 minutes straight.

Since the first season of Zombie Land Saga, the anime is usually getting around 20 minutes duration per episode. With the success that the anime has achieved this season, it’s not surprising why MAPPA, the studio behind the animation, decides to add an additional 7 minutes in Episode 12.

In addition to the announcement, Kasumi Fukagawa, the character designer of the series, drew a commemorative illustration for the anime. Check the image below:

Zombie Land Saga: Revenge

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