Black Clover Chapter 332 Will Be Delayed for 3 Months

The war against Lucifero and the other devils in the Spade Kingdom may have finally ended, but they are still clueless about what is about to happen after the unexpected character reveal in the last chapter. Unfortunately, manga fans will have to wait a little longer than usual as Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Chapter 332 will not be released for around three months.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Shueisha has announced that the manga will be temporarily unavailable for the next three months. Yuki Tabata, the manga author, has revealed that the Black Clover manga will be put on hold in order to prepare for the manga series’ final arc.

The previous chapter of the manga, titled “And the Time Starts to Move,” features the end of the war against the devils. During this chapter, Yuno finally met her mother. The Spade Kingdom asked Yuno to stay, but due to his being a citizen of the Clover Kingdom, he declined their request.

Asta and the other Magic Knights celebrate their victory. Unaware of the situation in the Clover Kingdom, an unexpected thing happened to the wizard king. While Julius was talking with Damnatio, something unexpected happened. The wizard king realized that he was being used by Astaroth.

Damnatio was about to help Julius when the devil suddenly took over. Astaroth wasn’t able to make any moves, and he immediately fell down. At the same time, Adrammelech appeared and called Julius Lucius Zogratis.

The sudden appearance of Zogratis only suggests that the war against the devils is not yet over. How will Asta and Liebe be able to stop the time devil? Let’s see how things unfold once the Black Clover manga resumes.

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