Black Clover Shows How Charlotte Truly Loves Yami

Black Clover Chapter 330 has finally been released, and the manga has officially confirmed Charlotte Roselei’s true feelings towards Captain Yami. Yes, you read it right. Charlotte loves Yami in the Black Clover series. Will they, like the other Shonen manga character couples, have a happy ending?

Black Clover series already hinted at the future relationship between these two characters, it’s the first time for Charlotte Roselei to express her love to Yami. But what triggers Charlotte to confess her love to the captain of the Black Bull Squad of the Clover Kingdom?

How did Charlotte confess her love to Yami?

Black Clover

Before we start, let us be clear that this article contains spoilers from Black Clover Chapter 330. If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend that you check the chapter first.

Chapter 330, titled “Declaration to Darkness,” features the end of the war in the Spade Kingdom against the Dark Triad and the devils. Apart from the confirmation of Lucifero’s defeat, manga fans are surprised to see Charlotte’s unexpected moment with Yami.

As we all know, Yami suffered too much from the fight against Lucifero. Yami is on the verge of death, and they are still waiting for someone to help them. Upon seeing the situation, Charlotte rushed to Yami. They are helpless, which triggers Charlotte’s emotions to express what she truly feels towards Yami.

Charlotte suddenly burst into tears while telling the unconscious Yami that she loved him and begged the Black Bull Squad’s captain not to die. Both Mimosa and Vanessa were shocked to see Charlotte’s action.

Black Clover
Charlotte confesses her love to Yami.

Fortunately, both Nacht and Yami survive with the help of Mimosa’s magic. Upon regaining consciousness, Yami asked Charlotte what she said earlier. However, Charlotte wasn’t able to respond as she was already frozen while blushing.

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