Black Clover Teases the Death of a Spirit Guardian of the Heart Kingdom

Black Clover just released a new manga chapter and fans are shocked upon witnessing the sacrifice made by Gadjah, one of the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom. Using his remaining life force, Gadjah attacked Vanica and Megicula, which could result in his final moments in the series.

In Chapter 299, we have seen the continuation of the fight against Megicula who already took control of Vanica’s body. In the previous chapter, we have seen how Lolopechka attacked and wounded Gadja. However, her attack doesn’t stop the Spirit Guardian from using his Lightning Magic: Parcenlanta to temporarily immobilized Lolopechka.

Gadjah’s attack seems to work against her ruler of the Heart Kingdom. After temporarily stopping Lolopechka, Gadja immediately moved forward and headed straight to Vanica and Megicula.

Gadjah revealed that Lolopechka’s attack won’t kill him. But knowing the situation, the Spirit Guardian devoted and turned his remaining life force into magic to attack the devil. Without any hesitation, Gadjah used his Ultimate Lightning Magic: Apocalipra Astrauza against Vanica and Megicula.

Gadjah attacks Vanica and Megicula.

The spread of the panel sees Vanica’s body cut off into two, suggesting that Gadjah managed to kill Megicula’s host. While he succeeds in landing an attack against the devil, the cost of it was his life as he was seen on the verge of death while a winged-devil silhouette appeared in front of him.

Is this really the end of Gadjah’s magical adventure in Black Clover? What do you think about his sacrifice to save Lolopechka? Let us know your thoughts and opinion in the comments below.

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