Black Clover Teases Megicula’s New Devil Transformation

The fight against the devils of the Spade Kingdom is getting more intense as the latest Black Clover manga chapter teases Megicula’s new devil form.

Megicula makes her debut after Vanica defeat to Noelle’s new Saint Valkyrie Dress form. Noelle demonstrated the power of her new Spirit Dive form to Megicula but unfortunately, Noelle reached her limit while using Saint Valkyrie Dress.

In Chapter 299 of Black Clover, the manga features the great sacrifice of the Spirit Guardian of the Heart Kingdom. After temporarily stopping Lolopechka, Gadjah used his remaining life force to attack Vanica and Megicula. This results in Vanica’s body being destroyed by the Spirit Guardian.

Gadjah’s attack surely damaged the host of the devil and it seems that he managed to kill Vanica. However, the terror of the devil doesn’t end there as the cliffhanger of the chapter features a silhouette of a winged devil. Despite Gadjah’s life sacrifice, it seems that Megicula still managed to escape death and decided to finally show her other devil form.

Megicula’s silhouette appeared.

Is this the final devil form of Megicula that many fans have been waiting for? Let’s find out in the next manga installment of Black Clover.

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