Boruto Chapter 69 Reveals the Reason Why Eida Is Helping Code

It’s been a while since Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduced Eida to the series. Since then, the manga has been a big part of why Eida decides to help Code take down Konoha Village. However, the recently released Boruto Chapter 69 finally revealed why Eida is aiding Code on his mission.

Chapter 69 of the manga series titled “Captives” shows Eida infiltrating the Konoha through Code’s power. Delta tried to attack Eida, but the power of the enemy already took effect upon her arrival. While Eida was able to easily stop Delta, Shikamaru was still able to withstand her power, allowing him to use his shadow bind technique to stop Eida from moving.

At this moment, Shikamaru reached out to Ino to ask for support. Ino immediately informed Naruto and Sasuke about the situation. However, there seems to be a change of plan as Shikamaru asks Ino to stall the backup after learning the reason why Eida is helping Code.

After releasing Eida from the shadow bind, the manga sees Shikamaru asking why Eida formed an alliance with Code. Surprisingly, Eida revealed the reason in front of Shikamaru and the others.

According to Eida, she only joined Code because she liked Kawaki. This explains why Eida is asking Code to never harm Kawaki. Eida also added that she’s only getting assistance from Code on that matter.

Eida revealed that she likes Kawaki.

Both Shikamaru and Amado were surprised at Eida’s answer. With them knowing the reason behind the enemy, Shikamaru immediately came up with a plan and offered Eida an alluring proposition that could benefit both parties. Shikamaru’s offer is a bit tempting, and if Eida accepts it, Code will find himself in a tight spot.

Why did Eida join Code?

According to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 69, Eida revealed that she likes Kawaki and she is only cooperating with Code to get assistance from him. Code is on a mission to regain his full power, and she plans to use him to take Kawaki from the Konoha Village. In the past few chapters of the manga series, Eida has been asking Code to never harm Kawaki.

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