Choujin X Chapter 5 Release Date, Discussions, and Recap

The 4th chapter of Sui Ishida’s Choujin X has finally been released and fans can now read it online. The story continues with Tokio, who is still searching for a way to return to his human form.

The previous chapter surprised fans with an unexpected cliffhanger as Tokio seemed to find himself in danger. Will he be able to survive the threat in front of him? Let’s find out in the next chapter of Choujin X manga.

Choujin X Chapter 5 Release Date

Choujin X is one of the newest manga series that doesn’t have an exact release date. This was due to the author’s decision to prevent himself from overworking. This only means that the upcoming Choujin X Chapter 5 will be released according to Sui Ishida’s convenience.

For the month of July 2021, we have seen chapters of Choujin X, which highly suggests that Chapter 5 will be released next month. Looking at the release of Chapter 4, it only took a week since Chapter 3 was released. This gap surely results in the author doing some extra work.

As mentioned above, since the new chapter will be released according to the author’s decision, it’s likely that we will be getting Choujin X Chapter 5 during the first or second week of August 2021.

Choujin X Chapter 4 Recap

The previous chapter highlights how Tokio finally makes her decision to stand and move alone. In this chapter, the main character of the series realized how dependent he was on his friend, Azuma.

Tokio Can Speak to Birds

Choujin X

As he formulates how to return to his human form, Tokio was able to communicate with the two pigeons in front of him. He was surely surprised to see him having a conversation with the birds. Tokio realized that his ability to communicate with the birds could be one of his Choujin skills.

Tokio Wanting to Meet the Vulture at the Zoo

One of Tokio’s realizations is that he should solve his own problems and not rely on his friend. His excuse for not attending school is coming to an end, which results in him vowing to learn how to control his Choujin. Knowing that he can’t speak with Azuma, Tokio decides to visit the vulture at the zoo. But when he arrived at the zoo, the facility had already shut down for a month.

Mysterious Choujin Girl Devours Tokio

Tokio was about to leave the area when a beautiful girl called him and suggested jumping over the fence. Inside, the girl communicated with a snake and told Tokio the direction where they could find the birds.

Tokio and the mysterious girl reached the Bird Forest area, where Tokio got to meet the vulture that he was talking about. Without any hesitation, Tokio asked the vulture if he remembered him, but he was just ignored by the bird. The girl asked what Tokio was doing while slowly reaching Tokio’s face. Tokio was confused about what was about to happen, but he was caught off guard when the girl transformed into a snake and started to devour his head.

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