Dragon Ball Super Reveals Frieza’s New Form, the “Black Frieza”

Frieza is one of the longest and strongest villains that ever existed in the Dragon Ball universe. Being one of Goku’s greatest enemies, Frieza was able to come back several times in the series with another power upgrade. Speaking of which, Frieza just received another power-up, as spotted in the Dragon Ball Super manga series.

Released on August 20, 2022, manga author Akira Toriyama makes a strong debut with Frieza’s new power in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. This time, Frieza’s new form is called “Black Frieza.”

Frieza reveals his new form “Black Frieza”

While his maximum power in this new form is still unknown, Goku and Vegeta already saw a glimpse of the terrifying power after Frieza easily defeated Gas with a single blow. Both Goku and Vegeta are shocked to know that Gas is powerful enough to handle both of them. Frieza also attacked the two Saiyans and both of them were overpowered.

Black Frieza attacks Goku and Vegeta

Despite the grudge that Frieza holds against the Saiyans, the villain decides not to fight them during their encounter. According to Frieza, they are not his target for visiting the planet. Shortly afterward, the manga sees Frieza asking the remaining Heeters to join him, to which they agree.

You can read the full manga chapter where Black Frieza appeared by following this link.

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