Dragon Ball Super Reveals Vegeta’s New Form Stronger Than Super Saiyan God

The fight against Granolah continues in the latest manga installment of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super series. The latest manga chapter, titled Vegeta vs Granolah, features an overwhelming power between the two fighters. While Granolah managed to defeat Son Goku, it seems that he will have a hard time facing the Prince of Saiyan.

The manga chapter starts with Vegeta facing Granolah after Son Goku’s defeat. The enemy insisted that he would be wiping out all Saiyans due to their actions in the past. Granolah is referring to Saiyans who have been controlled by Freeza before.

While Vegeta isn’t directly connected to the invasion of Granolah’s planet, the enemy still insists that, because of the Saiyan blood running through his veins, he was still an accomplice. The fight between the two fighters was inevitable, and to start the battle, Vegeta first attacked Granolah.

Despite the current power of Vegeta, the Cerealian seems to be able to handle him easily. Vegeta laid out a plan, and without Granolah knowing it, he accidentally destroyed the last ruins of his city. This angered Granolah, who furiously attacked Vegeta.

The Prince of Saiyan has been receiving a lot of damage from the enemy, but instead of giving up, this gives Vegeta more spirit to fight. Unlike before, the fight against Granolah doesn’t involve any planets or people to protect, which means that he can go all out in Saiyan’s way.

Vegeta started to unleash a new power and Goku, who was on standby after getting his consciousness back, acknowledged the overwhelming power coming from Vegeta. Goku noted that Vegeta’s chi is not just an old god chi, suggesting that Vegeta has overpowered the Super Saiyan God form.

Dragon Ball Super

After the surge of power during the transformation, Vegeta comes out with much more power. Vegeta also told Granolah that the God of Destruction taught him that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded.

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