Jujutsu Kaisen Approves the New Culling Game Rule Added by Hiromi Higuruma

The fight between the sorcerers and participants in the Culling Game continues with the latest manga chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen. In the latest issue, the manga features the addition of the new rules for the Culling Game, added by Hiromi Higuruma, a public defense lawyer and the main antagonist of the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc.

Following the confrontation between Yuji Itadori and Hiromi Higurama, it seems that the lawyer has had a sudden change of heart. This was due to the second trial that Yuji Itadori asked for during their fight. Unlike in the first trial, the accusation in the second trial is way more difficult as it already involves a mass murder that happened in 2018 in Shibuya.

While Higurama was expecting to see Yuji deny the accusation, he was shocked to hear him admit the crime. As a result, Yuji was found guilty and was sentenced to death. Higurama received the executioner’s sword that would instantly kill the suspect if he managed to slash it.

At the same time, he was curious why Yuji Itadori admitted the crime, knowing that he was being controlled by Sukuna during the massacre. The fight between the two sorcerers was getting close to its finale when Higuruma suddenly released the executioner’s sword.

Yuji asked Higuruma why he stopped. Higuruma replied to the Penal Code Article 39 Section 1, stating that if a person lacks the cognitive ability or capacity for control, they are considered non-composant. Since Yuji’s body was taken over by Sukuna during the incident, Higuruma found him not guilty of the case.

The two sit and have a little conversation. Shortly, Higurama told Kogane about the new rule that he will be adding. According to Higuruma, the new rule that he’s adding is making it possible for players to give points to another player. While Yuji is speechless, Kogane answered that the new rule has been approved and added.

With the newly added rule, the Culling Game has 10 rules. Originally, there were only a total of 8 rules that every player had to follow in the Culling Game. But during the debut of Hajime Kashimo, Culling Game rule No. 9 was added, which allows players to access the information of other players participating in the game.

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