My Hero Academia Hints AFO’s Spy Inside the UA High School

One of the most famous theories in Boku no Hero Academia is about the spy hiding among the Class 1-A students of the U.A. High School. Previously, these theories were just theories that were created by the minds of the fans. However, manga author Kohei Horikoshi has finally confirmed in My Hero Academia Chapter 335 that All for One has planted a spy inside the top Hero Academy in Japan.

Following the defeat of Star and Stripe, Shigaraki was able to get rid of the New Order quirk and reunite with All for One. Due to the intense battle with the United States of America’s strongest hero, manga fans see how Shigaraki was in pain while being surrounded by his comrades. All for One was beside Shigaraki and told him to calm down as he would soon be fine. Shigaraki expresses his hatred towards all the enemies and vows that he will not stop as long as there is any person who remembers All Might.

All for One, on the other hand, shared his feelings after failing to steal New Order. AFO says that while they weren’t able to use New Order, they were successful in removing their greatest obstacle, which is Star and Stripe. AFO also speaks with Dabi and tells the villain that while they are very much alike, there is one crucial difference.

AFO revealed that he’s a person with only one goal in his mind, but he has many plans and routes to achieve it. All for One also mentioned Izuku Midoriya’s returning to a fortified U.A. high school, which also highlights their differences. According to All for One, between him and Dabi, All for One has a lot of friends. While AFO was saying these words, the scene immediately moved back to the U.A. High School, where we see the silhouette of a female character.

Silhouette of All for One’s spy revealed.

While the manga has yet to confirm this character, the silhouette’s physique and costume resemble Toru Hagakure, one of the Class 1-A students of the U.A. High School. It’s actually not surprising to see her as a spy of All for One. With her Quirk, she’s one of the perfect choices to become a spy that All for One can use to easily infiltrate his enemies.

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