My Hero Academia Confirms Star and Stripe’s Death

Boku no Hero Academia series just introduced the world’s strongest woman. However, it seems that her journey has finally ended here. With the release of the latest chapter of the manga series, fans are shocked to see Star and Stripe’s death after her intense fight against Shigaraki.

The hero’s death was already teased in Chapter 332 of the Boku no Hero Academia manga series after Shigaraki was able to reach and grab her face. Knowing that Shigaraki has received several upgrades, many are hoping to see Star and Stripe fight along with the heroes of Japan. However, it’s not the case as the United States of America’s number one hero wasn’t even able to meet All Might once again.

Star and Stripe’s comrade tried to stop the villain from reaching the hero. But instead of blocking the enemy’s path, Shigaraki used them as a platform to reach Star and Stripe. Before reaching the hero, she has a chance to attack Shigaraki, but she remembers the good old days and the friendship that she built with her comrades. Instead of attacking the villain, who could kill her comrades in the process, Star and Stripe chose to sacrifice herself instead.

Shigaraki stole Star and Stripe’s quirk.

Star and Stripe already anticipated the things that may happen once Shigaraki reached her. Just right after grabbing the hero’s face, Shigaraki immediately stole her quirk. Star and Stripe tried to set a new rule that would nullify Shigaraki’s decay, but it seems that it was too late as the villain had already stolen her quirk.

After taking Star and Stripe’s quirk, Shigaraki tried to use and implement a new rule, but his body started to break. It turns out that before he was able to take the hero’s quirk, a new rule was already in place. The new rule that Star and Stripe impose on her quirk revolt against the other quirks.

Star and Stripe’s body started to decay.

Star and Stripe’s body also started decaying. Before losing consciousness, Star and Stripe saluted her comrades. She also said that her sacrifice is her way of paying All Might back. Meanwhile, her comrades also started attacking Shigaraki, knowing that the villain was weakening due to the hero’s sacrifice.

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