My Hero Academia Reveals the United States of America’s Number One Hero

The aftermath after Shigaraki’s rampage is still being felt by the civilians in My Hero Academia. The Pro Heroes are still doing their best to hunt down the escapees from the Tartarus breakout. And while the fans are still waiting for another action after Stain’s reappearance, My Hero Academia has just revealed the United States of America’s number one hero.

This isn’t the first time that My Hero Academia introduced foreign heroes in the series. However, this is the first time the series has finally included a hero from a strong country to join the fight against All for One. The arrival of the foreign heroes to aid Japan has been teased in the past few chapters, and finally, we have already got a glimpse of who will arrive to help All Might and the other pro heroes in Japan.

As seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 328, the manga has formally introduced Stars and Stripes, the number one hero of the United States of America. In addition to her introduction, it seems that Stars and Stripes has a direct relationship with All Might, the former number one hero of Japan.

My Hero Academia

Stars and Stripes first appeared in the last panel of the chapter, where she was seen standing on top of a stealth aircraft flying at a high speed. According to her, she already knows where to go and she can’t afford to waste any moment as it was a direct request from her master, All Might. With his speech, it seems that Stars and Stripe is one of All Might’s apprentices during his prime.

It is also worth noting that the manga teased a few more foreign heroes that are planning to help the fight against All for One. As of the moment, the names, appearances, and powers of these foreign heroes are still unknown.

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