My Hero Academia author, Kohei Horikoshi, has been continuously introducing new characters as the manga series progresses. In addition to the previous debut, Boku no Hero Academia welcomes Pro Hero Star and Stripes. But who is Star and Stripes and what will be his role in the series?

Who is Star and Stripes?

Star and Stripes is a huge woman with a well-defined physique and has almost the same look as All Might. Stars and Stripes is a female professional hero from the United States of America. In fact, she is currently the United States of America’s Number 1 Hero.

My Hero Academia

Star and Stipes make her debut in My Hero Academia Chapter 328. As of writing, Star and Stripes’ real name is yet to be revealed.

What is Star and Stripes’ Quirk?

It takes a few chapters before we learn about the strongest woman’s quirk. According to Chapter 330, Star and Stripes’ quirk is called New Order. Her quirk allows her to create different rules. Star and Stripes can impose a new role by touching a target and calling its name. This was first seen when she touched and called the atmosphere and decided to remove it, making Shigaraki almost choke to death. But just like any other quirk, the manga also reveals that Star and Stripes can only impose two rules at a time.

While her Quirk allows her to become the strongest woman and the number 1 pro hero of the United States of America, Shigaraki was still able to survive and escape death. Star and Stripes was shocked to see how the villain survived after she implemented a new rule that would end the life of the user.

Why did Star and Stripes call All Might her master?

One of the biggest questions right now is her relationship with All Might. In the last spread of Chapter 328, we saw her addressing All Might as master. In Chapter 330, we finally learned the relationship between All Might and Star and Stripes. It turns out that during her childhood, the young All Might, which is still an exchange student, saved her during an assault attempt by a villain.