One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin vs Black Maria, Yamato’s Devil Fruit, and Luffy’s Return

It’s been a while since we got to see the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates fight. With the latest chapter of One Piece, we will finally see Robin back in action as she fights Black Maria of the Beasts Pirates.

Yamato’s Devil Fruit and its Role

After its first appearance, the manga finally revealed the name of the devil fruit that Yamato has eaten. According to Kaido, the name of Yamato’s devil fruit is Makami Dog-Dog Fruit, which turns out to be an incredibly valuable Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.

In addition to the devil fruit’s name, Kaido also revealed that Makami is Wano Kuni’s guardian deity. Given its role to the Wano Country, Kaido asked Yamato to do it for him but Yamato declined and stood up that she will fight along with the samurai and protect Wano Country from his father, Kaido.

Black Maria Lures Robin with Illusions

Black Maria’s full capability is still unknown, but the member of the Tobiroppo already showcased her power by trying to lure Robin using illusions. Black Maria turned her subordinates into individuals that Robin knew, but unfortunately, her dirty tactics didn’t work as Robin attacked the disguised enemies.

Black Maria appeared and attacked Brook and Robin using her weapon that ate devil fruit. Brook realized that the weapon had a soul and decided to attack it using his Cold Soul attack while leaving his body on Robin’s arm.

Black Maria Insults Robin

Before the actual fight between Robin and Black Maria, the Tobiroppo insulted Sanji, Robin’s crew member, who asked to be saved.

Given Sanji’s nature, Robin truly understood why the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates asked for her help. Robin said that Black Maria would never understand just how much it meant for Sanji to rely on her. After all, Sanji is one of the winds that will allow the future pirate king to soar. Robin was seen using her Gigante Fleur as preparation for fighting Black Maria.

Luffy Asked for Momonosuke’s Help

After being picked up by the crew members of the Heart Pirates, Luffy started his recovery by eating all of the meat they had given him. Unfortunately, Luffy’s strength is still not enough to stand on his own feet. While lying on the ground, Momonosuke was crying. Instead of babysitting Momonosuke, Luffy told him that he would not lose again.

Meanwhile, Caribou was spotted from a distance observing what was happening. By the looks of it, Caribou will aid Luffy as he was his only hope of leaving the Wano Country.

The scene then moves back to Luffy as he asks for Momonosuke’s help. Given that they had already fallen from Onigashima, Luffy asked Momonosuke to turn into his dragon form and bring him back to the island.

What do you think about this One Piece manga chapter? Will Luffy be able to make it back to the flying Onigashima in time? Will Robin be able to defeat Black Maria in a head-to-head match? If you have any opinions or theories, please let us know in the comments below.

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