One Piece

What is Akainu’s weakness in One Piece?

While there is no specific information on Akainu’s weakness mentioned in the available articles from,,, and, we can analyze Akainu’s battle with Aokiji as a potential indicator. It took Akainu ten days to defeat Aokiji, despite Aokiji’s weakness to Akainu’s magma power. This suggests that Akainu’s weakness may lie in his … Read more

Who has the weakest Haki in One Piece?

The character with the weakest Observation Haki in One Piece is Ohm. While anyone can learn standard and advanced Observation Haki with training, Ohm only possesses basic Observation Haki and cannot read emotions or intentions. Despite being a user of Haki, Ohm’s level of skill in Observation Haki falls short compared to others in the … Read more

Who trained Sanji Haki in One Piece?

There is no specific information available about who trained Sanji in Haki in One Piece. During the two-year time skip, Sanji learned several important skills including skywalk, improved stealth and stamina, and training his observation Haki. However, no specific trainer is mentioned in the available sources. Key Points: No specific information is available about who … Read more

Who is Zoro’s best fight in Wano in One Piece?

Zoro’s best fight in Wano in One Piece, according to the author, is against King. While the article does not specifically mention Zoro’s best fight in Wano, it describes various fights in the series. Zoro’s fights are a major aspect of his appeal to fans, and they are ranked based on quality and excitement. Some … Read more

Who taught Luffy Haki in One Piece?

Luffy was taught Haki, a manifestation of spiritual energy, by Rayleigh, Roger’s first mate. After the two-year timeskip, Luffy trained with Rayleigh on Rusukaina Island for over two years. The concept of Haki was introduced in the Skypiea arc. In addition to Rayleigh, Luffy also learned basic Haki concepts from Boa Hancock. Luffy’s training with … Read more

Who created 3 sword style in One Piece?

Zoro created the Three Swords Style in One Piece. He trained extensively to use the third sword and developed unique techniques and increased power through this style. Zoro further introduced the King of Hell three sword style during his fight against King, blending it with techniques like Foxfire Style. The King of Hell form not … Read more

Who can defeat Blackbeard in One Piece?

There are several characters in One Piece who have the potential to defeat Blackbeard in a one-on-one fight. Some of these characters include Sakazuki (Akainu) and Kizaru, who are both known for their incredible strength and abilities. Shanks and Silvers Rayleigh are also powerful individuals who could potentially defeat Blackbeard. In addition, Sengoku, Kaido, and … Read more

Who defeats Kizaru in One Piece?

In One Piece, Kizaru is not defeated by any character. Key Points: Kizaru remains undefeated throughout One Piece. No character is capable of defeating Kizaru. Multiple sources confirm Kizaru’s invincibility. Fandom, Gamerant, Screenrant, and CBR all support this fact. Kizaru’s undefeated status is consistent across various analysis sites. The character proves to be a formidable … Read more

Who betrayed Luffy in One Piece?

In the Whole Cake Island arc of One Piece, it is Sanji who “betrayed” Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, his actions were not for his own sake but rather to protect his friends. Sanji was forced into an arranged marriage with Big Mom to benefit his family. In order to prevent Big Mom … Read more

Did Franky meet Vegapunk in One Piece?

No, Franky has not met Vegapunk in One Piece. While Vegapunk has been mentioned and shown in the series, including the introduction of three Vegapunk bodies, it is still unclear which one is the main Vegapunk. Additionally, there is a mistake in the manga regarding the numbering of Vegapunk 05 and Vegapunk 06, making it … Read more