One Piece Chapter 1027: Luffy vs Kaido Rematch, King’s Power, Zoro Unmasked King

One Piece Chapter 1027 is titled “An Unbelievable Disaster” and has a manga cover that features the Pirate King Roger as he flees after doodling on a lion’s face. The manga continues the Wano Country Arc. Here’s the breakdown of One Piece Chapter 1027 by Eiichiro Oda.

Luffy Asked Yamato a Favor

As the sky splits into two, Luffy faces Yoko Kaido’s hybrid form. The tremors have been felt by the whole island. Before continuing the fight against Kaido, Luffy asked Yamato to aid Momonosuke, who is still unable to fully control his power. Momonosuke and Yamato started to leave, but Kaido tried to stop them. Yamato blocked his father’s attack and at the same time, Luffy stretched his feet to entangle and stop Kaido from chasing Yamato and Momonosuke. Luffy called out Yamato’s name, but before saying any words, Yamato already knew what he wanted, to leave him and his Kaido for another 1 on 1 match.

Yamato Reveals How Dragon Fly

Due to the lack of experience, Momonosuke’s dragon form started to fall. Knowing that Momonosuke and Kaido have the same devil fruit, Yamato told Momonosuke to grab the clouds. At the same time, Yamato also explained that dragons don’t actually fly; instead, they use their feet to hold the sky. Yamato also revealed that they are called Flame Clouds.

Onigashima Starts Falling

As Momonosuke’s dragon form keeps on floating, Yamato notices that the island is starting to crumble, suggesting that Kaido’s powers are weakening. Yamato states that Kaido’s flame clouds are unstable and can’t support the flying Onigashima. This is bad news for them and for the unaware civilians of Wano Country. If they fail to hold the floating island of Onigashima, it will kill hundreds of people in the Flower Capital. To make sure that everyone would be safe, Yamato asked Momonosuke to use his flame clouds, since he is also a giant dragon just like her father.

The Threat of Onigashima

While Momonosuke still doesn’t have any idea how to make his own flame clouds, Yamato revealed the possible outcome if they fail to support the flying island. According to Yamato, Onigashima is essentially a giant bomb that will cause a massive explosion due to the weapons and gun powder stockpiled on the island.

King Shows His Rage

Back to the live floor, King started to show his power. King attacked everyone around him, including his subordinates. Zoro, who is facing him, was also thrown by King’s attack. Thankfully, Franky has his back to support him. As Zoro gets up, while recognizing King’s power, Franky asks him if he needs any help. However, Zoro declined and told Franky that it’s all good.

Zoro Destroys King’s Mask

After King’s aimless attack, one of Kaido’s underlings noticed the cracked mask of King. It turns out that no one has ever seen King’s face. Zoro gets excited to face a strong opponent like King and asked Franky to step back. With King’s attack, Zoro was almost thrown out of the flying Onigashima. Zoro stands up and asks the King to at least use a blade when he goes for the kill. Being a swordsman, Zoro finds King’s attack unforgivable. The cliffhanger of the chapter sees a small portion of King’s face.

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