One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers: Killer Finds a Way to Defeat Basil Hawkins

After the one-week break resulting in the delayed release of One Piece Chapter 1029, Eiichiro Oda is getting ready for the release of the new manga chapter. While the manga is yet to be officially released on Viz and Manga Plus, One Piece Chapter 1029 spoilers have already been leaked online. Here, we will be breaking down the details of the leaked spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1029.

What to Expect in One Piece Chapter 1029

According to the leaked spoilers, the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1029 is titled “Tower”, covering the continuation of the fight between Queen and Sanji and some interesting showdown between Killer of the Kid Pirates and Hawkins. Below is the breakdown of the leaked spoilers for Chapter 1029.

  • According to Queen, Judge once told that he wanted to create a human with “exoskeletons”, with high endurance and power and without any feelings.
  • Sanji was still confused with the changes in his body and decides to leave while saying that he needs some time to think.
  • Queen, being obsessed to see Sanji’s Raid Suit, chased Sanji and asked to show him the Raid Suit.
  • A battle between Kid and Law against Big Mom was featured in the chapter.
  • Kid experience severe headaches and maybe the reason for his defeat against the Yonko.
  • The headache was caused by Basil Hawkins, who is headbutting himself.
  • Killer told Hawkins that he has two questions for him.
  • Killer’s first question was about where the damage goes if it has nowhere to go.
  • Hawkins answered that the damage will go directly to Kid.
  • Killer then attacked Hawkins and cut his left arm and told Hawkins that Kid has no left arm.
  • The second question was about the number of remaining dolls that Hawkins have after removing Kid’s doll.
  • Hawkins answered that it was the last doll that he has.
  • The captain of the Hawkins Pirates draws a card of Tower but Killer attacked again and defeats him.
  • Hawkins explained that the Tower means “the collapse of the old”, but the hidden meaning is “a new path”.
  • Killer mocked Hawkins to try.

Apart from the details of the chapter, the leak also suggests that there will be no manga break until the next issue. Assuming that the release schedule was accurate, we should be getting One Piece Chapter 1030 at the end of the month, October 30, 2021. As for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1029, it will be officially available on Manga Plus and Viz on October 24th.

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