One Piece Chapter 1044 Leaked: Luffy Awakened, Gomu Gomu no Mi’s Real Name Revealed

The train hype for Eiichiro Oda’s top-hit manga has returned. Following the one-week break, One Piece Chapter 1044 spoilers have finally arrived, and we were able to gather some of the most important details about the chapter. If you’re ready for the details, let’s jump straight into it!

According to the leaked details, One Piece Chapter 1044 is titled “Liberation Warrior”, featuring one of the most awaited powerups for the main protagonist of the One Piece series. The spoilers suggest that Luffy’s devil fruit has finally awakened, which unlocks Gear 5. While the details about Luffy’s 5th gear are still few, the leaked Chapter 1044 spoilers confirmed that Luffy was able to turn the ground into rubber once he touched it.

Apart from Luffy’s awakening, Chapter 1044 spoilers also revealed that the Gomu Gomu no Mi was actually a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which means that it has its own mind. In addition, the leaked details also revealed that Gomu Gomu no Mi’s real name is “Hito Hito no Mi” (Human Human Fruit) Mythological-Model “Nika”.

Luffy’s awakening and his devil fruit’s real name are not the only details that we have right now. Below is the summary of the leaked One Piece Chapter 1044 spoilers:

  • One Piece Chapter 1044 title: Liberation Warrior
  • Law, Kid, Sanji, Marco, and more of Luffy’s allies feel his presence and know that the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain is still alive.
  • The World Government has been trying to get the Gomu Gomu no Mi for almost 800 years already but they have failed, as if the devil fruit is running away from them.
  • One of the members of the Gorousei says that he is not crazy, since Zoan-type devil fruits have their own minds.
  • Another Gorousei revealed that Gomu Gomu no Mi’s real name was Hito Hito no Mi or Human Human Fruit Mythological-Moden Nika, and it’s a Zoan-type Devil Fruit.
  • Both Hiyori and Orochi were spotted in this chapter.
  • Luffy awakened his devil fruit, and it was his Gear 5.
  • From the roof, Luffy stretched and grabbed Kaido and pulled the Yonko back. Luffy also unleashed another powerful attack.
  • The fight between Luffy and Kaido resumes.
  • Kaido attacks Luffy using his Bolo Breath but Luffy grabs the ground and turned it into rubber to return Kaido’s attack back to him.

Reminder: This page is being updated until the official chapter is released.

One Piece Chapter 1044 will be officially released on Sunday, March 27, 2022. You can read the official English-translated version of the chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.

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