One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers Leaked on Reddit and Twitter

One Piece manga is currently the talk in town right now. It’s because of Luffy’s devil fruit awakening while fighting Yonko Kaido in the Wano Country Arc. While many manga fans are patiently waiting for the official release of One Piece Chapter 1046, spoilers and raw scans for the manga have already been leaked online.

The One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers were spotted on popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. On Twitter, user Orojapan shared the initial spoilers for the upcoming chapter. Reddit users also celebrate as the spoilers with more details were also leaked on the platform.

If you’re also waiting for the spoilers before the official release of One Piece Chapter 1046, check out the details below:

  • The first 5 pages of the chapter are about Luffy vs. Kaido.
  • The following 9 pages are inside the castle (all about Raizo, Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro, etc.).
  • Sanji and Zoro appeared in one panel each. Sanji appears, talking, and Zoro is taken away by Franky (he says nothing or is still unconscious).
  • 1 page about Yamato and Momonosuke (and something about the flame clouds).
  • On the final page, Luffy holds a saber of lightning and uses it to attack Kaido.
  • Kaido seems to be smiling.
  • Luffy’s attack is still unnamed.
  • Raizo used his scrolls back when he was in Zou to store the water Zunisha bathes itself with.
  • Raizo had this idea in mind since Oden Castle was burned 20 years ago so that if at any time he was in a similar situation, he would be prepared.
  • Now he has flooded the interior of the castle with all that water he had kept, and Jinbe is the one who controls the water as if it was a sea current to put out the fire.

As you can see, the story in the Wano Arc seems to be getting close to its finale. We still don’t have the details when will be the exact end date of the Wano Arc, but we believe we will be seeing it soon.

What do you think about the leaked One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers? Are you excited to read the full chapter of the manga? Let us know in the comments below.

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