One Piece Chapter 1048 Full Summary Spoilers Leaked

After being put on hiatus for a week, Eiichiro Oda is ready to release the newest chapter of the One Piece manga series. The upcoming Chapter 1048 is scheduled to be officially released this coming Sunday but the spoilers and raw scans have already been leaked online. If you’re one of the manga fans who are excited to know the details before the scheduled release, the content of this article will tell you everything about the One Piece Chapter 1048.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers

The leaked spoilers suggest that the upcoming chapter will have a cover page featuring Charlotte Brulee and Charlotte Cracker as they talk about the Re

Momonosuke keeps telling Luffy that he can’t move Onigashima. However, after remembering his family and his mother’s words (“In the future, in 20 years, you must revive the Kouzuki clan”) Momonosuke gains confidence and tries to push the island again.

Kaidou tells Luffy if he knows that the hero of Wano was burned to death 20 years ago. Kaidou engulfs his body in flames and transforms into a gigantic fire dragon, this technique is called “Kaen Daiko” (Great Bonfire/Flaming Dragon Bonfire). Kaidou goes on to say that after the death of that hero, Wano has become a land of criminals. And he guesses that Luffy is the new hero that the people of the country have been waiting for for 20 years. Luffy releases Kaidou because the flames were burning his hand. Kaidou tells him that he’s right to let him go because he’s not going to run away. He then adds that if he attacks him with his right arm, his flames will melt him (as he says this we see how one of Onigashima’s horns melts like butter when touching Kaidou’s body).

Luffy says that he is not going to give up and prepares to attack Kaidou, who also prepares his attack. Just before attacking Kaidou, Luffy remembers Hyou’s words (that Haki is called “Ryuuou” in Wanokuni). Luffy says that the old man taught him a way to hit him without touching him and that he will send him to the bottom of Hell. Luffy uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun” (Monkey God Gun) and Kaidou uses a new attack called “Shoryu: Kaen Hakke” (Rising Dragon: Eight Trigrams Flare). Both attacks collide without touching and a powerful explosion is produced.

Inside the castle we see Usopp apologizing to Kinemon and Kiku, and asking if they are still breathing (although they are still unconscious). The samurai shout to the roof and ask Luffy to defeat Kaidou. Kawamatsu says that this won’t end if they don’t finish Kaidou. A flashback begins that takes place 20 years ago, after Oden’s death. The Red Scabbards flee the execution zone. Orochi says that the samurai can only go to one place, Kuri to protect Momonosuke. Kaidou then finds out that Oden has a son, so he decides to go after him. The citizens try to stop Kaidou but he attacks them unceremoniously. Orochi orders anyone who challenges the Shogun to be shot.

We see that Oden’s castle has burned down. Orochi asks what happened to Toki, his subordinates tell him that they have confirmed her death in the Bakura Ward and that she was the only one who escaped alive from Oden Castle. Orochi is happy, since, with this news, they have put an end to the Kozuki family. Orochi tells the Daimyo to choose: if they are willing to help make Wano a better place or if they want to fight against them. We see the 4 Daimyo of Wano (Yasuie and the 3 samurai that Yamato met in the cave, including Shimotsuki Ushimaru). The samurai says that the answer is clear as day. The Kozuki are their only Shogun and they are going to avenge Oden.

Despite the impetus of the samurai, Kaidou defeats them. Orochi taunts them saying that they are very weak and how can they call themselves samurai. A samurai laments that Orochi has someone like Kaidou by his side, if he wasn’t, no one would fear a buffoon like him. Another samurai tells him to keep his voice down or Kaidou’s army will come after them. We see how Kaidou’s troops are enslaving men capable of working, they want to turn the country into an arms factory. We also see how they have been contaminating the water, which has meant that people cannot grow anything and have nothing to drink or eat. Despite being enslaved, many samurai still had faith in Toki’s words. Orochi tells Kaidou between laughs to look at those idiots who have eaten the remains of the SMILE. He says that Ebisu Town should be an example for everyone. Orochi says that now it doesn’t matter that their stomach growls from hunger or that their families die. Those people will live forever with a radiant smile on their faces since that is what trash like them deserves.

Back to the present. Orochi lunges for Hiyori and tells her that she will die with him. He also tells her that he shouldn’t underestimate the Kurozumi’s grudge and that they will drink together in the afterlife. Denjiro arrives and wonders what the ruckus is that he’s listening to, and in one slash, he cuts off Orochi’s flaming head as he hugs Hiyori. We see that the wishes of the people of the Flower Capital fly through the air. Some of them are “I wish Orochi would disappear” or “I want to escape this hell”. Luffy and Kaidou return to the fray and their attacks (very evenly matched) hit in a brutal clash of Conquerors Haki without actually touching each other…

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