One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers: Sabo’s Real Status Revealed

Following the one month hiatus, Eiichiro Oda is coming back to the scene with the upcoming release of One Piece Chapter 1054. While everyone is excited to read the new chapter, manga leakers have hyped the chapter by releasing the initial spoilers of Chapter 1054.

We have gathered all of the important One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers that have been leaked in the past few hours. Feel free to read the spoilers below. We will also be constantly updating this report as soon as new spoilers or raw scans have been leaked.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers

The first spoilers were spotted on Reddit and it was confirmed by infamous leakers such as Reddon and Orojapan. Here’s what we have right now:

  • Chapter 1054 is titled “Entei”
  • Admiral Ryokugyu has a Mori Mori no Mi devil fruit, which is categorized as a Logia-type fruit.
  • The Scabbards fight the admiral along with Yamato. Momonosuke arrives and stopped Yamato from fighting Ryokugyo.
  • Shanks appeared near the Wano Country. It seems that Shanks finally wants to meet Luffy but he wants to take care of Bartolomeo first. Shanks commented that it’s time to go after the One Piece.
  • News spread about Sabo killing Nefertari Cobra.
  • Sabo is confirmed to be alive and the other members of the Revolutionary Army who came with him were successful in rescuing Bartholomew Kuma.
  • Sabo is also dubbed the “Emperor of Flames”.
  • The final spread of the chapter sees a meeting between Akainu, Kizaro, and Vice Admiral Kurouma (Dark Horse). Kurouma, whose real name was Tensei, is a new character introduced in the series who is the head of the Marine Investigation Unit. He’s currently looking into what happened during the Reverie.

In addition to these spoilers, the leak suggests that there will be no break for the One Piece manga after the release of this chapter. This means that manga fans should be getting One Piece Chapter 1055 without any delay.

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