One Piece Explains How Killer Defeated Hawkins

One Piece Chapter 1029 has finally been dropped off. The new chapter features a lot of events, but the spotlight of the chapter goes to Killer after he defeats Hawkins in an intense fight.

As we all know, Killer has faced Hawkins to let his captain proceed with the fight against Yonko Big Mom. The fight between Big Mom and Kid-Law tandem is heating up. However, Kid has experienced an unusual headache, resulting in him almost being killed by the Yonko. Fortunately, Law stepped in and saved Kid from Big Mom’s deadly attack.

While Law found it absurd for Kid to have a headache during battle, Chapter 1029 titled “The Tower”, explained why he experienced this unfortunate event. It turns out that Hawkins has been slamming his head on the wall, resulting in Kid experiencing the feeling. In case you’re still not aware, Hawkins has been using Kid’s doll to blackmail Killer, who is pleading to stop and let his captain go and take his life instead.

One Piece
Hawkins banging his head on a pillar.

As Hawkins prepares to end Killer’s life, the combatant of the Kid Pirates bravely asked Hawkins a question. Killer asked Hawkins what would happen if he took damage that had nowhere else to go. Hawkins finds it funny and told Killer that he should understand his power by now. Hawkins emphasized that as long as he has his straw doll, any damage will directly go to Kid.

At that very same moment, Killer immediately attacked and cut Hawkin’s left arm. The enemy’s arm fell off and the Straw-Straw Devil Fruit user was shocked and confused about how it happened. Killer answered Hawkins and told him that his captain had no left arm. Killer also picked up Hawkins’ arm and started pulling the straw doll.

One Piece
Killer cuts Hawkins’ left arm.

Killer asked Hawkins once again about the number of remaining dolls that he had. Hawkins replied that it was the last doll that he possessed. Hawkins drew another card and started attacking Killer. However, Killer was way more agile and powerful and easily negated all of Hawkins’ attacks. Just as Chapter 1029 ends, we finally get to see Killer as the winner of the fight.

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