One Piece: Franky vs Sasaki. Who Won the Battle?

Eiichiro Oda surely is giving fans a good fight to watch in the currently ongoing Wano Country Arc in One Piece. The series has already featured a lot of encounters and the latest addition is the showdown between Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates and Sasaki of the Beasts Pirates.

Franky vs Sasaki originally starts in One Piece Chapter 997 and it was continued in Chapter 1019. In the right brain tower of the Onigashima Skull dome, the Headliners are attacking the other members of the Beasts Pirates while telling Francy to focus on Sasaki and leave the rest to them. Franky acknowledged the toughness of Sasaki, and Sasaki returned the compliment. Without any wasted time, Sasaki drew his sword and used the frill bone of his Triceratops to fly.

Franky was shocked to see how Sasaki moved and said that he didn’t expect that their fight would turn into an aerial battle. After Sasaki launched his first attack, he was seen charging another attack against Franky. The Franky General was seen facing Sasaki’s Tricerabullet and countered it using Franky’s General Suplex. Immediately after the counterattack, Franky drew his sword and attacked Sasaki, but the enemy was able to dodge his attack.

Franky and Sasaki’s fight turns into a sword battle, but unfortunately, Franky’s sword was broken by Sasaki’s. With this disadvantage, Franky decided to use his strongest attack against Sasaki. Franky released his General Cannon attack towards Sasaki but it was not enough to take down the member of the Tobiroppo.

After withstanding Franky’s attack, Sasaki also decides to end their battle by using his Triceramagnum attack. Sasaki’s attack could potentially defeat Franky. However, Franky took advantage of the situation and took advantage of Sasaki’s weakness. Just a moment after Sasaki destroys General Franky, the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates ejects himself from General Franky, catching Sasaki’s belly off guard. Knowing that Sasaki’s weakness was his belly, Franky immediately attacked Sasaki’s belly using his Radical Beam.

Franky attacked Sasaki on his belly. | Image via Greciiagzz

Franky vs Sasaki Battle Conclusion

Franky won the fight against Sasaki after successfully landing the Radical Beam attack on Sasaki’s belly. Sasaki was seen falling down to the ground with blood coming from his mouth and blank eyes. Franky was seen shouting and hyped after an intense fight against Sasaki.

Who is Sasaki?

Sasaki is one of the members of Tobiroppo using the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops devil fruit. He is considered as one of the strongest members of the Beasts Pirates. Sasaki makes his debut in Chapter 977 in the manga and Episode 982 in the anime.

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