One Piece Reveals Admiral Ryokugyu’s Appearance and Devil Fruit Power

The battle against the two Yonko on Onigashima Island has just ended, but it appears that a new threat is on its way for Luffy and his allies. In One Piece Chapter 1053, the manga features the arrival of the admiral from the World Government. This admiral is none other than the Navy Headquarters’ Admiral Ryokugyo, also known as Aramaki.

In the previous chapter, we saw Admiral Ryokugyo flying toward the Wano Country using the flower on his back. It turns out that this flower is just one of his skills, and the manga just teased how powerful Ryokugyo is by easily handling the remaining members of the Beast Pirates.

On his arrival to the Wano Country, Admiral Ryokugyo pierced through the crew of the Beast Pirates, including the three All Stars, while absorbing their nutrients. As the admiral walks through the land of Wano, the path he left behind has been nourished by restoring the plants and trees. The once-called wasteland has turned into a blooming meadow full of trees, grass, and flowers.

While the Ryokugyo has been warned by the fleet admiral not to engage in the Wano Country, it seems that he will disobey the order as he asked his comrade to bring a warship.

Will there be another fight before we see the conclusion of the Wano Country Arc in the One Piece series? Let’s find out once the new chapter is released.

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