One Piece Reveals Queen’s Cyborg Hybrid Form

The One Piece Wano Country Arc gets more intense in each chapter. In the latest Chapter 1017, we only did not learn how Shanks obtained the Gomu Gomu no Mi but also witnessed Queen’s cyborg hybrid form.

Queen’s Cyborg Hybrid Form Revealed

The chaos that is being brought by O-Tama using her power surely annoyed one of the All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates. Queen witnessed how their allies had turned into enemies. To stop O-Tama, Queen directed his attack towards the young kid, but he was stopped by Sanji.

Queen got mad at Sanji and mentioned that Sanji was Judge’s son. Sanji replied and told Queen to stop saying that name and assumed that Queen was part of the insane research team. Queen appeared to agree when he mentioned MADS and revealed that he was a cyborg.

Shortly after, the manga sees how Queen transformed into his hybrid form. But unlike the other hybrid form transformations, Queen’s body has some scientific weapons, such as his left arm and tail being like some sort of claws.

One Piece
Queen’s Cyborg Hybrid Form

Queen’s subordinates see that their superior has transformed into his cyborg hybrid form and all of them seem to be afraid. As Queen previously mentioned, he has a lot of tricks hidden to defeat his enemies.

Will Sanji be able to defeat a mythical Zoan user that has been modified by his father’s technology? Let’s find out about the next chapter of the One Piece manga series.

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