One Piece Officially Reveals Yamato’s Hybrid Form

One Piece finally reveals Yamato’s hybrid form as she fights against her father, Kaido. Since her debut in the series, many One Piece fans are waiting to see her devil fruit. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see his devil fruit power until Chapter 1019 of One Piece manga series.

As the Wano Country Arc continues, we get to see Yamato confronting Kaido while waiting for Luffy’s return. As she strongly believes that Luffy will return to defeat Kaido, she is willing to use all of her power and abilities to temporarily stop Kaido.

The match-up between father and daughter is getting more intense every time the series features their battle. With the recently released Chapter 1019, manga fans were caught off guard by the unexpected transformation that Yamato received.

Yamato’s hybrid form | One Piece Chapter 1019

While One Piece fans have already witnessed the beauty of Yamato’s hybrid form, her devil fruit’s name is yet to be revealed, as well as the other information about her power and skills.

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