One Piece Theory: Donquixote Doflamingo’s Future Role

Ever since Doflamingo’s defeat and capture, we’ve been wondering what his future role might be. I think almost everyone agrees, his role in the story is not yet over. Breaking out of Impel Down seems inevitable for a start.

What could his future role be though? Where does he fit into the chaos that is about to unfold? He himself was the one who said that without him holding the reins of the Yonko, all would descend into chaos.

In the aftermath of Wano, the Balance of Power is likely to collapse entirely, with not one but two Yonko falling, the Yonko system will not be maintainable. This is what CP0 was talking about and what the Gorosei were talking about.

This gives us the most likely context for the return of Doflamingo. The events of the coming Great Cleansing. Beginning most likely with Alabasta.

Whilst the World Government attempt to eradicate any possibility of their monopoly on power being taken away and their dark secrets discovered, Doflamingo is likely to resurface, as he is one of the very few people who know many of these secrets already.

Most notably, Doflamingo is fully aware of the existence of Mariejois’ National Treasure. This is what I believe his main future role will be. Doffy previously discussed with Law that he had intended to use the Op Op no Mi, to control this ‘National Treasure’ in order to rule the world. He again references this treasure from his jail cell. “Isn’t it ok to reveal what it is already?

Whatever this treasure is, is likely to be of huge significance in the events leading to the finale of the story. I do have a theory on what it is but I will save that for the King’s Tattoo theory, coming up on Sunday. For now, I’ll say that I think it is in, The Room of Flowers.

Since his fall from power, Doflamingo’s only remaining motivation is to witness the downfall of the Celestial Dragons. “Tell those Celestial Dragons in Mariejois. They will be dragged down from their lofty perch!”

Putting these things together, it seems quite apparent that Doflamingo’s future intentions are to expose the Celestials, undermine them and lay claim to the National Treasure.

Through this, it seems highly likely that we will get an explanation for why it is that Doflamingo seems to have parallels to Imu. It seems likely, that Doflamingo may find himself face to face with, Imu.

Interestingly, this parallel involves the recurring symbolism of the missing left eye and it may be through this, that we finally see Doflamingo’s eyes. Or rather, his eye.

This leads to the interesting idea, that Doflamingo is the pirate with an eye patch, that Oda has said will appear in the final pages of the story.

To conclude. Doflamingo’s future role is quite straightforward. He will be the main factor in the downfall of the Celestial Dragons! It may be that he obtains Mariejois’ National Treasure.

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