One Piece Theory: Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Nika is an Ancient Weapon

What if Joy Boy was actually the owner of the hidden Ancient Weapon, JUPITER? A theory that explains why Luffy might be wielding lightning.

This is a pretty radical idea, I know. Also, I realize there’s already been one twist associated with Luffy’s Devil Fruit – one more might be one twist too many. But…I do think there’s enough points for there to be an exciting possibility. Let’s go.

This idea first came to me when I heard the word “jovian”. Jovian means ‘of Jupiter’. It is also the origin of the word ‘jovial’ – a word which means full of happiness and, more importantly, joy. Could this be what the name Joy Boy refers to? Being of Jupiter?

Jupiter is not just the King of the Gods. He’s also the God of the Sky and Lightning. This is precisely what we’ve seen Luffy do in the latest chapters – wielding lightning and dominating in the sky.

Let me point out a few other connections between Luffy and Jupiter.

  • Both are Kings (God King vs Pirate King).
  • Jupiter is commonly associated with birds, which is the name of some of Luffy’s attacks, and is seen spinning around his head in 1047.

  • Jupiter (or Zeus) assumes the form of beasts, kinda like Luffy assuming different forms.
  • Jupiter’s Hindi equivalent is Indra, who some have already theorized as the inspiration for Joy Boy. Indra wields lightning and has an elephant companion – like Joy Boy and Zunesha.

Looking at it from a different perspective, the planetary symbol for Jupiter also looks like the ‘ka’ of Nika (ニカ), but upside down. Coincidence? Maybe…

The second time Joy Boy was mentioned, it was alongside the other ancient weapons, in Chapter 649. With the three known ancient weapons already referring to planets – will it be so strange that the other planets are also represented as Weapons?

Possibly, the other Ancient Weapons – Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn, alongside Jupiter, Uranus, Poseidon (Neptune) and Pluton are what the gods are referring too, in that now infamous scene of Skypiea.

I know this is all sounding a bit wild…but stay with methere’s one final association to Jupiter that I haven’t mentioned – oak. Do you know where else oak shows up in the story? Kashigami was summoned in Skypiea; ‘kashi’ is the japanese word for ‘oak’.

Kashigami = Oak God = Jupiter?

Is this a stretch? Maybe. But then again, Luffy grabbing lightning literally feels like the most random thing in the world.

Also, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system…and Luffy has just shown us the largest fist in the entire series.

Maybe, and this is definitely a stretch,…that’s where Oda got the name Luffy from? Luffy = Jupi? Either way, I can’t wait to see the other Gods / Ancient Weapons pop up. They might be closer than we think…

At least, we know why Luffy might now be wielding lightning bolts.

Last, I know what you might be thinking – isn’t he called the Sun God? I can see the disconnect too. But you never know how things work in One Piece. There are many connections that have yet to be revealed.

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